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Thassos – Have you been to its Crystal clear waters

Thassos !!! The emerald island of the Aegean !!

Its coasts are fantastic as if they were painted by them, unforgettable to anyone who visits them. Its beaches are one and one are not comparable to the beaches in the northern Aegean. We tell you with certainty that you will fall in love at first sight !! In Thassos you will find rocky-sandy beaches up to a natural swimming pool. The only sure thing is that if you go once in Thassos you will go and visit again! Not only its beaches but its immense greenery, its taverns but also its hospitable world! You will surely go to its best beaches, then visit the mountainous Thassos which we can we tell you it’s awe!

We know for sure that you will love it and look for it again and again.

So all you have to do is just forget about everything that concerns you and repair it!

Where do you intend to visit Thassos? Where do you want to go? At Limenas, Limenaria, Skala Sotiros, Skala Marios, Potos, Prinos, Theologos, wherever you go, we can guarantee from that Always spend a lot of money because your holidays in Thassos will be very cheap and low and always with a good value for money!

Do you want to book a hotel or accommodation Are you thinking of booking rooms or a hostel? Are you looking for a cheap holiday in Greece?
Click on our website and book a room now. Below are some of the best beaches and beaches in Thassos:

Golden Beach:

Tripiti Limenaria:

Pachi Beach:

Saliara Beach:

Paradise Coast:

Atspa Coast:

And for the end for us at we will list something special. It is neither a beach nor a coast. It is a natural pool named Giola worth a visit!



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