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How do I book a room?

The booking process is very easy. Select or enter the city you want, enter the arrival and departure dates and the number of guests. Click on Available Hotels (only available hotels), Search Apartments or Search All Hotels (all hotels in a city regardless of availability). You can also search using a specific hotel name in a city. A list of hotels or apartments for rent will appear on the screen. For more information, click on the hotel name or the Information link. Once the room types and prices are displayed on your screen again, you will be able to select the desired overnight price by reading the room information in the center of the screen, and then clicking the 'Book Now' button on the right side of the screen. . After selecting the type of room you want, you will go to a "Safe Booking Request" form. Next, you will need to revisit the "Booking Details" and fill in the blanks in the "Visitor Details" section. Make sure your name and email address are spelled correctly. After filling in all the necessary information, press the "Submit" button. If further details are required prior to booking confirmation, a Customer Service representative will respond by email within 24 hours.

Can I use my credit card safely?

Yes. We consider this issue very important. For your own protection, obviousbook.com uses a secure network server for commercial purposes, which encrypts the credit card number and encrypts it in an unusable form.

What types of credit cards are accepted for guarantee / deposit?

The types of cards accepted for guarantee / deposit will be listed in the Information section of the hotel description.

Can I specify where I would like to make my booklet (on which floor, next to the access, etc.)?

If special requests are accepted by the hotel, a section will appear on the Booking Form for you to add and submit to the hotel. Hotel staff will do their best to cater for special needs. We can not guarantee that your requirements will be met, as they depend on availability.

Obviousbook.com sends me an invoice whenever a hotel is booked?

Obviousbook.com does not issue invoices. However, the booking confirmation is considered proof of payment.

What are "taxes and fees"?

The "taxes and fees" that appear on your booking are the estimated transaction taxes (eg sales and usage, accommodation, room taxes, indirect taxation, value added tax, etc.) that obviousbook.com pays to our hotel suppliers in relation to your hotel reservation. It is not a tax imposed on you by obviousbook.com. These service fees cover the costs of obviousbook.com for the services it offers regarding your booking. See Terms & Conditions for more information.

Is the room rate per person or per night?

All rates are double per room per night, unless otherwise specified. FOR SOME PRICES SPECIAL CERTIFICATE OF IDENTITY MAY BE REQUIRED. Taxes and fees are not included, unless otherwise specified in the detailed Overnight Rules. Extra people, children, rollaway beds and the like may incur additional charges.

What happens when I make a reservation?

When you make a reservation, a new screen appears with an Itinerary Number, which you should keep and use in any future communication with obviousbook.com. You may also be given a Confirmation Number. In addition, all bookings will be accompanied within 2 to 4 hours by an email, with the same Route Number and, if available, a Confirmation Number.

How soon will obviousbook.com respond to my booking request?

Each time you request a booking, a new screen appears with an Itinerary Number, which you should book and use in any of your future communications with obviousbook.com. In addition, all bookings will be accompanied by an email, within 2 to 4 hours, with the same Route Number, which will indicate the status of your booking.

How do I check my hotel application?

You can view your reservation using the "Show / Cancel Reservation" link. You can always contact us for any question regarding your application. For faster service, please include your "Reservation Number", which you will receive after submitting your reservation.

I do not have much time to wait for confirmation. What can I do?

Usually, most bookings are made at the same time and it only takes a few seconds to receive confirmation. You will be informed about the status of your reservation within 2 to 4 hours. However, there may be delays. In this case, you will be sent an email without a confirmation number. Once we receive the confirmation number from the hotel, it will be emailed to you. If there is a specific request or price change related to your booking, the request will be sent to a Customer Service representative for processing. You can contact us directly at obviousbookcom@gmail.com

When will my booking be at the hotel?

Special Internet Rates: Your name will be displayed on the hotel 72 hours before your arrival date. Keep calm, room reservation has been made. However, the hotel simply does not know who will be staying there. "Extra Rates": It takes at least 24 hours before your booking details are entered into the hotel's online system. Keep calm, room reservation has been made. However, the hotel simply has not yet entered your details into its system.

Will I receive a written confirmation from the hotel after making my reservation?

No. The email confirmation you receive from obviousbook.com is all you need. Contains the following information from obviousbook.com: Route Number, Hotel Information, Price, Confirmation Number, and Hotel Cancellation Policy.

What cancellation policy applies to my booking?

When you fill out the Secure Booking Form, the Cancellation Policy will appear in red letters or there will be a link to refer you to the Cancellation Policy. You can also go to the hotel info page to see the cancellation policy. This policy varies from hotel to hotel, so you should read each policy very carefully. In general, the basic terms are that you must cancel the room or rooms by 4 or 6 p.m. on the day of arrival, or 24, 48, or 72 hours before your scheduled arrival. However, the above are only general guidelines and the specific policy of each hotel prevails. If you cancel before the cancellation deadline, there is usually no charge. Cancellation after the predetermined period will result in the cancellation fee being charged. In some reservations the money is non-refundable and can not be canceled after the reservation is completed. Bookings with "Special Internet Rates" apply a special cancellation fee, regardless of the cancellation time frame. If canceled out of time, you may be charged for one night, including tax refund fees and service charges. Please read the corresponding cancellation policy provided for each hotel, on the website and in the relevant emails of your reservation.

How do I cancel a reservation?

Use the "Show / Cancel Reservation" link on the home page.

Where can I get the keys to the rented apartment?

The email you will receive to confirm the booking of the rented apartment will contain details about where and when you will receive the keys for the unit you rented.

Are rollaway beds / cots available?

Most hotels and some rental apartments offer rollaway beds and cots (usually for $ 5.00-$ 20.00 each). In some cases there may be restrictions on which types of rooms allow rollaway beds to be placed. This may be mentioned on the Hotel Info page. If special requests are accepted, a section will appear on the Booking Form for you to enter relevant requests and submit them to the hotel or apartment.

What kind of customer service is offered?

After submitting your booking request, you will be provided with an email address, which you can use to ask questions about your booking. Our friendly and friendly representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including holidays) to answer your questions. All you have to do is ask.

What happens if more than two adults stay in the room?

Most hotels allow extra guests to stay in the rooms for a fee (usually between $ 5.00-$ 20.00 per person). In some hotels and most apartments there is a limit to the number of people who can stay in a room. This may be mentioned on the Hotel Info page.

Our children will travel with us ... can they stay for free?

Children under the age of 12 usually stay for free in their parents' room, using existing bedding. The age limit varies depending on the policy of the specific hotel. This may be mentioned on the Hotel Info page.

Is breakfast included?

Many hotels offer free breakfast. It is often a continental breakfast or sometimes just coffee and donuts. It is very rare for a rented apartment to offer breakfast. If included, it should be listed on the Information page.

What is the obviousbook.com Refund Policy?

At obviousbook.com we strive to provide the best possible services and will do our best on behalf of our customers to remedy any unpleasant situations regarding your booking. However, obviousbook.com only acts as an independent agent to secure the services of car rental companies, hotels, vacation rentals or other travel service providers. Therefore, we do not control the personnel, equipment or activities of these suppliers in any way and we cannot be held responsible for any unpleasant event, injury, property damage or other damage that has occurred as a result of any illegal act, omission or inability to fulfill a supply by on the supplier side. All appeals must be submitted, along with any information provided, to obviousbook.com within 60 days of sending the first copy of your credit card bill, where disputes about billing and payment appear, or within 60 days after completion of the provided travel services.

Is there an age limit in hotels?

Please note that some hotels may have minimum age restrictions or requirements when booking a room. For example, some casino hotels may require you to be 21 years of age to stay in a hotel room. Please ask a Customer Service representative or directly at the hotel.

What happens if I find a lower price after I have booked?

Hotel bookings made with obviousbook.com are guaranteed to be the lowest priced.

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