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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy


Let’s start with the basics: protecting your personal data is important to us. We know that this is exactly what all policies of this kind say, but we mean it. You have trusted us using the services of and we appreciate it. This means that we are committed to protecting the personal data you share with us. We act in the best interests of our customers and provide transparency regarding our processing of your personal data.

This document describes how we use and process your personal data, in a simple and clear way so that you know our views without getting tired. In addition, you will find information on how to contact us in case you have questions about your personal data, to which we will be happy to answer. Please also read the separate Cookies Policy, where you will learn how uses cookies and other similar technologies. For a better understanding of what we mean by “Travel”, “Travel Provider”, “Travel Service” and “Travel Booking”, please read the Terms and Conditions.

If you have used in the past, then you know that it offers online travel related services through its websites and mobile applications as well as through other online platforms such as affiliate websites and social media. We clarify this because all of the following information does not apply to some of them but to all platforms. In other words, we have many platforms but one privacy policy for all.

This privacy policy applies to any information we collect from these platforms or in any other way related to these platforms (such as communicating with our customer service via email). Thus, we reduce the volume of tedious text. If you are one of our business partners, please also read the Business Partners Privacy Policy to understand how we process personal data in the context of our business relationship.

We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. If you are interested in following this policy it is a good idea to visit this page regularly. If we modify our Privacy Policy in a way that affects you (for example, if we intend to process your personal data for purposes other than those previously communicated to you in this Privacy Policy) we will notify you of the changes before these new activities begin.

Your consent to this Privacy Policy is required. Unfortunately, if you do not agree with it you should stop using our service. If you agree to our Privacy Policy you are ready to book your next Trip through us.


What kind of personal data does collect?

Because we can not help you book the ideal Trip without certain details, when you use our services we ask you for some information. Key details such as your name, contact details, the names of any of your fellow travelers and your payment details. You may decide to make special requests for your upcoming Trip (for example some preferences). In addition, we collect information from your computer, phone, tablet or other device you use to access our services. These include the IP address, browser, and language you used. There are also cases where we receive information about you from others or collect other information automatically. The above are indicative, if you want to know more details go to Read more

Why does collect and use your personal information?

The main reason we ask for your personal information is good: it is for the purpose of managing your online Travel Reservations and ensuring the best possible service. We also use your personal information to contact you and inform you about special and new offers and other products or services that we believe may be of interest to you. But there are other uses – if you want to know what they are, read below for a better analysis Read more

How does share your data with third parties?

There are several places associated with services in different ways and for different reasons. The main purpose is to share the data related to your Trip to the Travel Provider, to complete your Travel Booking. There are other places that may receive some of your data, parts that we need to provide services.


How does process the communications that you or the Reserved Travel Provider may send to can assist you and partner accommodations in sharing accommodation information and requests and existing bookings, facilitating communication through If you want to know more about how receives and handles these communications read here. read more

How does use mobile devices?

We offer free applications, from which we also collect and process personal data. This works almost like our website, only it allows you to use our site. read more

How does use social media?

Your use of social media services may be linked to in a variety of ways, such as the collection of some of your personal information by us or your social media provider. If you want to learn more about using and sharing this information read below. read more

What security and prevention procedures does apply to protect your personal data?

We implement appropriate and adequate procedures to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of personal data that we process. read more

How does handle children’s personal data?

Unless otherwise indicated is a service that you are only allowed to use if you are over 16 years old. We process children’s data only with the consent of the parents or their legal guardians or when the information is provided for use by the parents or legal guardian. read more

How can you verify the personal information you provide to

You always reserve the right to control the personal data we collect about you. If you want to know more about your rights to control your personal data, read here. read more

Who is responsible for processing personal data on the website / applications? BV, headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is responsible for controlling the processing of personal data on its websites and mobile applications. read more


What kind of personal data does collect?

As you seem to be looking for additional information, see below for a better analysis of the data we collect.

Personal data you provide to us. collects and uses the information you provide to us. When you make a Travel Booking you are asked (at least) for your name and email. Depending on your travel reservation, we may also ask for your home address, telephone number, payment details, date of birth, names of your fellow travelers and any preferences (such as food preferences and any mobility restrictions) you may have for your trip. .

In case you need to contact our customer service team or contact us in another way (via social media or in case of contacting the Travel Provider you booked through us) we collect information about you. Guests can also be asked to comment to help prospective guests find the perfect accommodation. We will collect information from you that is included in your comments, including your username and avatar, if you choose one.

There are other cases in which you give us your details. For example, if you are searching from a mobile device, you may decide to allow to locate your current location or provide access to your contact information, which helps us provide you with better services and experience (for example, to see drivers You can also create a user account that allows you to save your personal settings, upload photos, comment on previous bookings, and organize and manage next bookings or take advantage of other information available to account holders (such as incentives or other benefits we may offer).

You may decide to participate in referral or lottery programs and this means that you will need to provide us with your personal information. In addition you can tell us your opinion or ask for help when using travel services.

Personal data of other persons you give us.

Of course you may not book accommodation for yourself. You can travel with other guests whose details you provide for the purpose of booking or simply book on behalf of someone else. If you have an Business Account you can create an index to facilitate your business trips and manage other people’s bookings. In some cases you can use to share information with others, either in the form of promoting a wish list or joining referral programs. Such information will only be used as described in the tool – read more there.

At this point we must emphasize that it is your responsibility to ensure that the person or persons whose information you have provided knows and understands and accepts the way uses their information (as described in this Privacy Policy).

Personal data that we collect automatically.

Even if you do not make a Travel Booking, (and when you do) when you visit our websites or applications we automatically collect some information. These include your IP address, the date and time you visited our service, the hardware, software or browser you are using, and information about your computer operating system such as application versions and selected language. We also collect information about the clicks you make and the pages you open.

If you use a mobile device, we collect data about your device ID, settings and features of that device, application errors, and other system activity. When you make a Travel Booking, our system records the media and websites from which you book or visit the websites and / or applications.

Personal data we receive from other sources.

It’s not just what you share with us, we can get information about you from other sources as well. These include business partners, such as affiliate affiliates of the family of companies and other independent third parties, and anything we receive from these sources may be combined with the information you have provided to us. For example, booking services are not only provided through the website and applications but are also integrated into online affiliate services. By using some of them, you can give your booking details to our business partner, who then forwards them to us. We also use the services of third party providers to facilitate the payments of guests and Travel Providers. These service providers share payment information so that we can manage your Travel Booking and ensure that everything works as smoothly as possible for you.

Another example is that we use communication services on our platforms to help you communicate with the Travel Provider you have booked about your stay, and when we do we receive metadata data about our communication activities (e.g. where you called, who you are, the date and duration of the call). We may also receive information about you to offer you more relevant ads, for example additional cookie data made available to by affiliate social networks. For more information please read the section “Why does collect and use your personal data?” By linking your user account to your social media account, the provider of this social media may share your personal information with, but only if you allow it. You always have the option not to share this data.

Travel Providers also share information about you with This can happen when you have questions about a pending booking, when disputes arise over a Travel Booking (even though we do not like it when this happens).


Why does collect and use your personal information?

We use the information we collect about you for various purposes. Your personal information may be used in the following ways:

A. Travel Reservations: above all we use your personal data to provide and manage your online Travel Reservation, which is the purpose of our company! This includes sending your Booking Communications, such as confirmations, changes, and reminders.

B. Customer service: we provide international customer service from our local offices in over 20 languages ​​and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sharing your relevant information, such as booking information or your account information with our international customer service staff, allows us to answer you whenever you need us, and even help you find the right Travel Provider and answer any questions you may have. your Reservation Questions (or other related questions).

C. Account Benefits: users can create a user account on our website or applications. We use the information you give us to provide you with this account, which offers several useful features. You can manage your Travel Reservations, take advantage of special offers, make future Travel Reservations more easily and choose your personal settings. Managing your personal settings can allow you to maintain and share lists, share photos, easily view previously searched Travel Services, and control other travel information you have provided. It may also allow you to see any comments you have made. If you want, you can share some information in your account by creating a public profile that is related to either your first name or another name that you have chosen for this purpose. Business Account holders can store contact information in the account, manage their business bookings, and connect other users to the Business account.

D. Online groups or forums: we can enable account users to join and communicate with each other through online groups or forums.

E. Marketing actions: we also use your data for marketing actions. These actions include:

A. We use your contact details to send you regular updates on travel products and services. You can easily and quickly unsubscribe from email promotions whenever you want – just click on the “Delete” link in any newsletter or other communication.

B. Based on your information, you may receive personalized offers on the website, mobile applications or third-party websites / applications (including social media sites) and the content of the website displayed to you can be personalized. These are offers that you can book directly on the website, websites with common brands or offers from other third parties or products that may be of interest to you.

C. When you participate in other promotions (such as lotteries or contests) the relevant information is used to make these offers.

F. Contact you: we may contact you at another time, by email, post, telephone or sms – the way we choose depends on the contact information you have given us. We also process the communications you send us. This is done for various reasons, such as:

A. Respond to and manage any requests you have made or the Travel Provider you booked. also offers visitors and Travel Providers a variety of ways to exchange information, requests and comments about their offers, and existing Travel Reservations through For more information go down to the page and read the section “How does process the communications you can send or the Booking Provider you have booked,”

B. If you have not completed a Travel Booking online, we can contact you with a reminder to continue your booking. We believe that this additional service will be useful for you, as it allows you to continue a Travel Booking without having to find the Travel Provider or re-fill in the booking details.

C. When you use our services we may send you a questionnaire or invite you to comment on your experience at or the Travel Provider.

D. We also send you other material related to your Travel Reservations, such as ways to contact in case you need help while you are missing or information that may be useful for the organization or to make the most of the Trip your. We also send you material related to your future Travel Bookings or a summary of your previous Travel Bookings through

E. Even if you do not have an upcoming Travel Booking we may need to send you other messages on issues such as security warnings.

G. Market research: Sometimes we ask our customers to participate in market research. Please see the information provided when you are invited to participate to understand what personal data is collected and how your personal data is used further.

H. Improving our services: we also use personal data for analytical purposes. It is part of our quest to improve our services and user experience, but it can also be used for testing, problem solving and to improve the functionality and quality of our online travel services. The main purpose is to optimize and adapt our online platform to your needs so that our website is easier to use and more enjoyable. We try to use only falsified data for these purposes of analysis.

I. Customer feedback and other destination information: During and after the Trip you booked through our website you may be sent a comment invitation. We may also give your fellow travelers or those you have booked a comment on. In your invitation we ask for information about the Travel Provider or the destination. Account holders can choose to display the comment under a pseudonym instead of their real name (which you can select from the corresponding function in your account). Account holders can also choose to have a comment appear anonymously. An avatar can be added. By completing the guest comment you agree that it may appear (as described in detail in our Terms and Conditions) for example on the relevant Travel Provider information page on our website, in our mobile applications, in our accounts and in our social media applications or on the online platform of the relevant Travel Provider or on the website of our business partner. Its purpose is to inform other travelers about the quality of the Travel Service you used, the destination you visited or other experiences you choose to share.

J. Call Control: When you call our customer service team, uses an automated phone number tracking system to link your phone number to your existing bookings – saving you and your service staff time. Staff may request verification information to ensure that your booking information is kept confidential. During your telephone conversation with our customer service team, the call may be recorded or monitored by our partner for quality assurance and training purposes, which includes the use of the records for claims and fraud investigation purposes. Not all calls are logged. The files will be retained for a limited period of time and deleted automatically, unless has a legitimate interest in maintaining that record for a longer period of time including for fraud and legal purposes.

K. Promoting a secure and reliable service? In order to create a trusted environment for you, your fellow travelers, business partners and our Travel Providers, we use personal data to investigate and prevent fraud and other illegal or unlawful activities. We likewise use personal data for risk and security assessment purposes, including user authentication and bookings. For these purposes, we may have to stop some bookings or suspend bookings until we have completed our estimate.

L. Legal purposes: Finally, in some cases we may need to use your information to manage and resolve legal disputes, for regulatory inquiries and compliance, to enforce the terms of use of the online booking service, or to compliance with law enforcement requests.

The provision of your personal data to is voluntary. However, depending on the type of service you may wish to use, we will only be able to provide this service if some personal data is collected. For example, we cannot process your Travel Booking unless we collect your name and contact information.

If we use automated means to process personal data that produces legal effects or significantly affects you, we will take appropriate measures to safeguard your rights and freedoms, including your right to receive human interference.

For the processing of your personal data as described above, we rely on the following legal bases:

For purposes A and B relies on the legal basis that the processing of personal data is necessary for the execution of a contract, in particular for the completion and management of your Travel Booking. If the required personal information is not provided may not complete the Travel Booking, nor may it provide customer service. For purposes C to K, relies on its legitimate commercial business interest to provide its services, prevent fraud and improve its services. When using personal data to serve the legitimate interests of or a third party, will always balance your rights and interests in protecting your personal data with respect to the rights and interests of or others. third parties. For purposes L also relies on compliance with legal obligations (such as law enforcement requests). Where applicable in accordance with applicable law, will obtain your consent before processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

If you wish to object to the processing referred to under C to K and there is no opt-out opt-out mechanism available directly to you (for example in your account settings) to the extent applicable, please contact


How does share your data with third parties?

In some cases we share your personal data with third parties.

1. The Travel Provider you booked: this is extremely important for what we do! To complete your Travel Booking we transfer the relevant booking details to the Travel Provider to whom you made the booking. Depending on the Booking and the Travel Provider, these may include your name, contact information, payment information, the names of your fellow travelers and any preferences or other information you mentioned during the Booking. If you have questions about your trip, we can contact the Travel Provider and ask them to handle your request. If payment is not made during the booking process through the website, we will forward your credit card details to the Travel Provider you booked for further processing (provided you have provided them during the booking process). In case of disputes regarding a booking we can give the Travel Provider information about the booking process if necessary to handle the dispute. These may include a copy of your booking confirmation as proof of travel reservation.

2. The local office: For the purposes of supporting services, your information may be disclosed to affiliates who act as service providers, including in relation to services customer service. To learn all you need to know about the family of companies, visit The Company.

3. Third Party Service Providers: We use service providers that are not part of the family of companies for support in providing services. These service providers provide support services such as

Πε customer support,

◦ market research,

Μός fraud detection and prevention, including fraud control service,

◦ payment services. We use third parties to process payments, manage payment disputes or provide payment collection services. In the event that a refund is requested for your Booking either from you or the credit card holder used to make your booking, we need to share some details of the booking with your payment service provider and financial institution in order to manage refunds. This may include a copy of your booking confirmation or the IP address from which your booking was made. We may share information with the relevant financial institutions if we deem it absolutely necessary for fraud prevention and detection purposes.

◦ marketing services. We share personal information, such as your email address, with affiliate advertising providers as part of marketing services through third parties (to ensure that relevant advertising content is displayed to the right audience). We try to communicate email addresses only in encrypted form which allows the email address to be mapped only to the existing customer database, so that your email address can not be used for other purposes. For more information about your personalized ads and options, please read the Cookies Policy: “How are cookies used?” and “What options do you have?”

All service providers are obliged to continue to adequately protect your personal data.

4. Competent authorities: we share your personal information with law enforcement authorities, to the extent required by law or absolutely necessary to prevent, detect or prosecute criminal offenses and fraud, or if we are otherwise legally bound to do it. In addition, we may need to disclose your personal information to the competent authorities for the protection and defense of our rights and property or the rights and property of our associates.

5. Partners: we work with many business partners around the world. These business partners distribute or advertise services, including the services and products of our Travel Providers.

When you make a reservation through the website / app of one of our business partners, some of the personal information you provide, such as your name and email address, your address, payment details and other relevant information, will be forwarded to us to complete and manage your Travel Booking. If your business partner provides customer service, will share your booking information with business partners (as and when necessary) to provide you with appropriate and effective support. When you book through one of our business partners’ websites, the business partners receive some of your personal booking information, such as your name and e-mail address. This is for their own internal purposes (such as analytics) and, if requested by you, for the management of reward or marketing programs.

When booking a business partner’s website, please read the privacy notices carefully to understand how these business partners manage your personal data. We may also exchange information about our users with our business associates for fraud detection and prevention purposes to the extent necessary.

Ing Booking.basic: We may allow you to make Booking.basic reservations. Booking.basic means that your booking is facilitated by a Travel Provider other than the accommodation you booked. As part of the booking process, we will be required to share some of your personal booking information with this business partner. If you use Booking.basic, please check the information provided in the booking process or consult your booking confirmation for more information about the Travel Provider and how he / she will further process your personal information.

The transfer of personal data as described in this Privacy Policy may involve overseas transfers of personal data to countries whose privacy laws are not as extensive as those within countries within the European Union. Where required by European law, we will only transmit personal data to recipients who provide an adequate level of data protection. In such cases, as may be required, we make contractual arrangements to ensure that your personal data remains protected in accordance with European standards. You can ask us to see a copy of these contractual agreements using the contact details below.

How does process the communications you may send or the accommodation you have booked through offers you and Travel Providers various ways to contact Booking Services and existing Travel Bookings by directing communications through This allows you and your Travel Provider to contact for questions regarding your Booking or Travel Providers through the My Booking page, the app, and any other channels we have. has access to communications and may use automated systems to control, monitor and analyze communications for security reasons, to prevent fraud, to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, to investigate possible breaches, to develop and improve products , for research, to maintain customer interest, including the provision of information and offers that we believe may be of interest to you, as well as for customer service or technical support. We reserve the right to block the delivery or control of communications which, in our sole discretion, we deem may contain malicious content, spam or may pose a risk to you, partner accommodations, or others. Please note that all communications sent or received using the communication tools will be received and stored by Our business partners through the booking platform and Travel Providers may choose to contact you via email or other channels not controlled by


How does use mobile devices?

We offer free applications for a variety of mobile devices as well as versions of our regular website that have been optimized for mobile and tablet browsing. These mobile apps and websites process the personal information you provide to us in much the same way as our website – and also allow you to use location services to search for Travel Services near you if you want it from us. With your consent we may send you promotional messages along with your Travel Booking information. You may give us access to your location or contact information to provide the services you request. When you upload photos from your mobile device, tags with information about your location may be added to them. Please read the instructions on your mobile device carefully for how you can change the settings and activate the notification feature or receive promotional messages.

We use user recognition technology on different devices (so-called cross-device tracking) to optimize our services and promotions. This is done with or without the use of cookies. For more information on the use of cookies and other similar technologies, please read the Cookies Policy. Thanks to cross-device tracking technology, can track user behavior across multiple devices. As part of cross-device tracking, may combine data collected by a particular browser or mobile device with another computer or device connected to the computer or device from which the data was collected.

For the purpose of optimizing the content of the newsletter, combines searches and bookings made from different computers and devices. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

Personalized ads that appear to you on other websites or applications may also be offered based on your actions on connected computers and devices. By modifying the cookie settings on your device (see more in the Cookies Policy in the “What options do you have?” Section) you can modify your cross-device tracking technology settings for advertising purposes. Please note that logging out of your account does not mean that you will no longer receive personalized ads


How does use social media?

Here at, we use social media in a variety of ways. We use them to facilitate the use of the online booking services we offer but also to promote our Travel Providers, travel-related products and services, as well as to advertise, improve and facilitate our services. If you wish you can not use the functions of social media.

1. Log in to your account on the respective social media. We give you the option to sign in to an account through your social media account so you don’t have to remember different usernames and passwords for different online services. Once logged in you will always be able to use your social media account to sign in to your account. You will also be able to disconnect from each other at any time.

2. Integration in social media plugins on the website and applications. This means that when you click on any of the buttons (like “Like” on Facebook) some information is shared with these social media providers. If you are logged in to your social media account at the same time, this media provider may associate this information with your social media account that you are using, and may present your actions on your social media profile to share it. with others on your network.

3. Other social media services and functions. We may incorporate other social media services (such as social media messaging) to keep you in touch with or your contacts about our services. We can maintain social media accounts and offer applications on several social media websites. Whenever you connect to via social media, your social media service provider may allow you to share information with If you choose to share information, you will be notified by the social media provider what kind of information you can share. For example, when you sign in to an account through your social media account, certain information (as informed by your social media provider) may be shared with These may include your email address, your age, or profile pictures stored in your user account.

When you sign up through the social media app or sign in to a social media messaging service without having an account, the information you choose to share with us may include key information from your social media profile. (such as email, status updates, and your contact list). We will use this information to be able to provide you with the service you requested, to promote a message you want to send to your contacts or to create a personalized experience in the application itself or on our websites. This means that if you want it from us we can tailor our services to your needs, connecting you and your friends with the best travel destinations and improving our travel services. Your social media provider will be able to tell you more about how they use and process your data whenever you connect to through it, for example by combining personal data they collect when you use with information that collects when you use other online platforms affiliated with your own social media provider.


What security and protection procedures does apply to protect your personal data?

We implement reasonable procedures to prevent unauthorized access to and misuse of personal data.

We use appropriate business systems and procedures to protect and secure the personal data you provide to us. We also use security procedures, technical and physical restrictions to access and use personal data on our servers. Only authorized personnel are allowed to access personal data during their work.

We will retain your personal information for as long as we deem necessary for you to use our services, provide our services to you (including maintaining your online user account (if created)), comply with applicable laws, resolve disputes with any place and in any case as long as necessary to be able to operate our business, including investigating and preventing fraud or other illegal activities. All personal data we hold is subject to this Privacy Policy.


How does handle children’s personal data?

The services offered by are not intended for children under the age of 16. For children under the age of 16, the use of any of our services is permitted only with the valid consent of the parents or legal guardians. In limited cases, as part of a booking, purchase of another travel-related service, or exceptionally in other cases (such as family-run functions), may collect and use child data only as provided by the parent or guardian or with their consent. If we notice that we are processing information of a child under the age of 16 without the valid consent of a parent or guardian, we reserve the right to delete it.


How can you verify the personal information you provide to

We want you to know how we use your personal data. This can be done in the following ways:

1. you can ask us for a copy of your data we hold,

2. you can notify us of any changes to your personal data or you can ask us to correct any of the personal data we hold about you but, as we explain below, you may be able to make these changes yourself.

3. In some cases, you may ask us to delete or block or restrict the processing of personal data we hold about you or to object to certain ways in which we use your personal data; and

4. In some cases, you may also ask us to send the personal information you have given us to a third party.

Where we use your personal data based on your consent, you have the right to revoke this consent at any time subject to applicable law. Also, where we process your personal data on the basis of legal interest or public interest, you have the right to oppose at any time this use of your personal data subject to applicable law.

We rely on you to ensure that your personal data is complete, accurate and up to date. Please inform us immediately of any changes or inaccuracies in your personal data by contacting us.

If you have an online user account, you can access a significant amount of your personal data through our website / applications. Our websites / applications generally give you the option to add, update or delete information we have about you.

If any personal information we have about you is not accessible through our website / applications you can send us your request free of charge. For any of your requests regarding this Privacy Policy or if you have any complaints, please let us know by contacting the Data Protection Officer at You can also contact your local data protection authority. If you wish to exercise any of your rights, please complete the relevant Customer Data Subject Request form.

If you wish to object to the processing of your personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest and no opt-out opt-out mechanism is available directly to you, please contact us at


Who is responsible for processing personal data on the website / applications? BV controls the processing of personal data described in this Privacy Policy. BV is a private limited liability company under Dutch law and is headquartered at 597 Herengracht, 1017 CE Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or about the processing of your personal data, please contact our data protection officer at and we will respond promptly. For questions regarding your booking please contact our customer service team through the Customer Service contact page. Requests from law enforcement should be sent following the procedure described at


Cookies Policy

Our websites and applications use cookies and other tracking technologies for various purposes such as the proper functioning of the website, page traffic analysis or advertising purposes. These technologies are either used directly by us or our business partners, including third-party providers and advertisers with whom we work. If you want to know more about what cookies are, how they are used and your options, please read more here.

What is a cookie?

How are cookies used?

What options do you have?


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data that is placed in the browser of your computer or mobile device. The cookies of the original manufacturer are the cookies of the entity that manages the domain through which the cookie is placed. Thus, cookies are considered original cookies. In cases where we allow others to place cookies through the websites and applications of these are called third party cookies.

In addition, there is a difference between what we call session cookies and persistent cookies. One session cookies work until you close your browser. Permanent cookies have a longer lifespan and are not automatically deleted when you close your browser. We try to use cookies or allow the use of cookies with a maximum lifespan of 5 years. Only in exceptional cases, such as for security reasons and only if absolutely necessary will a cookie last longer than this.

In addition to cookies, we use other similar tracking technologies. These may include web beacons (also known as pixel tags, web bugs or gifs), URLs or software development kits (SDKs). The web beacon is a very small graphic image of just one pixel delivered to your computer either as part of a web page request or as an HTML email message. Pixels can be used to retrieve information from your device such as device type or operating system, IP address and visit time. They are also used to place and read cookies from your browser. Tracking URLs are used to understand which referral sites the websites or applications use. SDKs are small pieces of code included in applications that act as cookies and web beacons.

All of these technologies are collectively referred to in this Cookies Policy as “cookies”.


How are cookies used?

Cookies serve different purposes. Recognize the user ID on different pages of a website or even between different websites or when using an application. Categories of information we collect through cookies include IP address, device ID, pages you viewed, browser type, browsing information, operating system, ISP, timestamp, whether you responded to an ad, the relevant URL, the features used or the activities you participated in the website / applications.

Our website and applications use cookies for different purposes:

Technical cookies: we try to offer our visitors an advanced and easy-to-use website that automatically adapts to their needs and desires. To achieve this we use technical cookies to properly display our website to you, to work smoothly, to be able to create a user account, log in and manage your bookings. These technical cookies are absolutely necessary for the proper operation of our website.

Functional cookies: we also use cookies to remember your preferences and to help you use our website and applications correctly and effectively. If you use websites and applications to search for a Trip, for example, these cookies memorize the currency and language you prefer, your searches, and the Travel Providers you see. We may also use cookies to remember your registration information so that you do not have to enter your login information every time you visit our website. Passwords, however, will always be encrypted. These functional cookies are not absolutely necessary for the operation of our website or applications, but enhance its functionality, thus improving your experience at

Cookies for statistical analysis: we use these cookies to better understand how visitors use That is, to learn what works and what does not, to optimize and improve our website and applications, to understand the effectiveness of advertising and communications, and to ensure that it is still an interesting and up-to-date website. The data we collect includes the web pages you have viewed, the login / logout pages you logged in and out of, the type of platform you used, the emails you opened that led to actions and date and time information.

It also means that we can use information such as your website traffic, number of clicks on a particular page, your mouse movements and number of scrolls, the search terms you use and the text you type in the various fields. We also use cookies for analytics purposes as part of our online advertising campaign to learn how users interact with our website or applications when they see an online ad, which may include third-party website ads. Our business partners can also use analytics cookies to find out if their customers are using their lodging offers contained on their websites.

Advertising cookies: in addition to our own, we use third party cookies both on our websites and on the websites of other parties. This is called “retargeting” and is based on your browsing activity, such as the destinations you are looking for, the accommodation and the prices you have seen.


What options do you have?

To learn more about cookies and how you can manage or delete them, visit and the help section in your browser. In browser settings such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome, you can specify which cookies you want to accept and which to reject. Where these settings are located depends on the browser you are using. Use the “Help” function in your browser to find the settings you need.

If you choose not to accept certain technical and / or functional cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of our website. We do not currently support “Unattended” browser settings. Should a common standard be developed that defines exactly what a browser’s “Unattended” signals mean, we will review this policy.

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